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First Week of School (September 3 - 6, 2019)

First Day: Tuesday, September 3

How do I get to school and where do I park when I get there?
The Jan Reimer School Pick Up & Drop Off App includes tips and advice for traveling to and from our new school and where you can park or drop your child off click here (also available on our Facebook and website pages). On the first day of school, there will be personnel outside the school directing traffic. Please be good role models for our students by obeying all signs and being courteous to the people directing traffic.  And please remember, if you want to walk up to the school, please park in a parking stall, not in the designated drop off areas.

Where do we go on the first day of school?
On the first day of school we will open our doors at 8:15 am. Parents and students can come in through the front where there will be greeters who will direct students and families to their classrooms. Once the first bell rings, we ask that parents make their way out of the school.

What if my child is in afternoon Kindergarten?
During their staggered entry, please bring your child into the school any time after noon. We will direct you to the appropriate classroom.

Where do we pick our children up at the end of the first day?
On the first day of school only, parents are welcome to pick students up from their classrooms.

What does my child who is bussed do once the bus gets to school?
Support staff and administrators will meet students at the busses and guide them to the appropriate rooms.

What is the procedure at the end of the day for students who are bussed?

Students will gather in the front entrance (division 1 students will be escorted here) and line up by bus. A staff member will then escort students to their busses.

After the first day, what do students do before school starts?

After the first day, All students will wait by their appropriate door (teachers will show them where this door is) and will be let into the building when the bell rings.  Please note: outdoor supervision begins at 8:15.

Where do we pick our children up at the end of the day?
Student safety and continuity of instruction are two important factors at our school. As a result, outside doors remain locked throughout the day and parents will not be able to enter the hallways during instructional time. We ask that parents wait outside at their children’s exit door. Teachers will escort students to the door and will dismiss them once they confirm they have a way to get home safely. On the first day of school students will bring home information about where their pick up door will be.